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Removing UTF8 Gremlins

If you work with documents from many different sources, you’ve probably seen this before: That’s good. “Oh no”, you think, “A utf-8 encoding problem.” That three-letter combo should be a single close-quote, like this: That’s good. Sometimes the problem is that your application is reading the file as a win-1252 (or cp1252, or the kinda-sorta

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When You Have Your Own Iconic Brand…

Did Gibson think that nobody would notice when they completely-ripped off Apple for  their new website design? For reference, here is a screencap of Apple’s site: Which brings me to two points: When you have your own iconic brand, you really shouldn’t need to steal so shamelessly. It’s 2009, Gibson. Did you really think table-based

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Please Take a Number

In the Internet world of seemingly endless computer resources, it’s not often that a website requires visitors to wait in line to visit, but a recent Dancing Mammoth project called for just that. The Requirements: Visitors will be added to a Virtual Waiting Room prior to advancing to website content. Visitors will be advanced according

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Where To Purchase Your Next Mac

I’ve been to a few Apple stores in the past and I love their clean design. The products they sell are well displayed and their staff are usually very helpful, but I am always looking for a bargain. So I can’t envision myself purchasing a new computer from my local Apple store with the deals

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Use Your iMac as a Display

I have an Intel iMac (the white kind). It’s my personal machine. I like it. It’s nice. What I especially like about it is that it has a big screen (1680×1050). I also have an Intel MacBook. It’s my work machine. I like it. It’s nice. But what I don’t like about it is that

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