Author PJ Doland

When You Have Your Own Iconic Brand…

Did Gibson think that nobody would notice when they completely-ripped off Apple for  their new website design? For reference, here is a screencap of Apple’s site: Which brings me to two points: When you have your own iconic brand, you really shouldn’t need to steal so shamelessly. It’s 2009, Gibson. Did you really think table-based

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Where To Purchase Your Next Mac

I’ve been to a few Apple stores in the past and I love their clean design. The products they sell are well displayed and their staff are usually very helpful, but I am always looking for a bargain. So I can’t envision myself purchasing a new computer from my local Apple store with the deals

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Does Numbers Make Charts Like This?

I’m in the process of upgrading my first-generation Core Duo Macbook, which is getting a little long-in-the-tooth. So this afternoon I visited and I took a little time to review the specs of the newly released models. I eventually came across the following bar chart, which is accessible as a pop-up from this page.

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