Dancing Mammoth, based in Reston, VA, is a comprehensive interactive agency specializing in content management systems for print publications, web application development and design, systems integration, and mobile application development. Our Diderot CMS provides an integrated workflow and brand extension solution for high-profile print publications, including the American Spectator and Reason Magazine. Diderot not only supports these core initiatives, but offers support for additional distribution channels, such as Amazon’s Kindle offering for periodicals.

Our Team
PJ Doland
Chief Choreographer

PJ commands the troops from his uncluttered kingdom in the far away colony of Virginia. When he isn’t busy watching cardinals or fighting off the Pennsylvania Dutch, PJ is collecting more clients than my grandpa has stamps. Fun fact: all of PJ’s favorite lyrics are from songs by the Rolling Stones.

Rachelle Ondiege
Cybernetic Sleuth

Earning a degree in Computer Information Technology helped her to develop a passion for…. everything. From Chinese to Swahili, sewing to auto-mechanics, cooking to biking and everything in between. Her desire to learn everything keeps the passion of fire burning steady and bright in all of her development activities.

Matt Fetissoff
The Dude

Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. He designs and codes the front end of sites for Dancing Mammoth in his underwear, drinking a white russian, and missing the rug that tied the room together.

Don Whiteside

Don thinks electron choreographer sounds better than programmer and he’s directed their movements for everything from timecards to telemetry over the years. He once got told it was important to hit a certain code performance metric because the users in question had been known to put hammers through check-in terminals that didn’t record their piecework fast enough. One of his favorite movie moments was seeing someone ejected from a Rocky Horror Picture Show event for refusing to shut up.

Erin Doland

Keeping well-crafted content on our websites comes as second nature for Erin. Among other things, she can also beat the pants off PJ at the Fox Trot.